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Serengeti's new single, HERO, is out NOW!

My afro soul group, Serengeti, recently released a new single, HERO, available on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to HERO here!

A thought provoking masterpiece and a song that is guaranteed to have you making the stank face with its percussive intonations and thought provoking lyrics. Hero takes us back to a roots and old school funk sound while also paying homage to African rhythms. It’s the perfect song to play on a drive, or when you want to show off to your friends just how eclectic your sound palette is. Imagine Fela Kuti and Marvin Gaye were having a jam session - then think Hero. Hero is about finding your fit and voice in a world that very easily defines what should matter. The song emphasizes the need to become your own hero and save yourself from a world that tries to rip your worth.

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