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New Music Out Now!

New music is out today on all digital streaming platforms titled, Unheard Landscapes. This is a collection of short, soundscape compositions created using infrasonic and ultrasonic field recordings from my research creation project from 2018-2019. I transposed infrasound and ultrasound into the audible range so that it could be communicated to the listener in an impactful way. I combined unmanipulated audible sounds along with the manipulated inaudible sounds in a creative way that provided my audience with a more complete picture while also contextualizing the sounds. Making use of the parts of the user’s sensory system that they are actually consciously aware of (i.e. sight and audible sound) helps bring attention to our biological sensitivities that might otherwise remain unconscious and thus “nonexistent.” In this way, I discovered art to provide a multi-media sensory solution that had a greater impact than raw data or mere text.…f-ambient-sound/

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