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A New Year Means New Projects, and a New Bass!!!

Happy New Year to you all! It's been a while since I've posted anything on here, and that is because I have been very busy with a number of new projects, as well as teaching, and completing my Masters in Music at the University of Victoria!!

One of those projects was a session I did for the lovely, Elaine Lakeman, this past summer at The Woodshop Recording Studio. The roster of talent working on this album was amazing, including the superb drummer, Buff Allen, who was an absolute pleasure to work with as a bassist. I'm happy to say that one of the tracks from the album has been released and is available for your listening pleasure at the link below! Have a listen and enjoy. :)

A snap from the recording session at Woodshop:

Kaitie Sly Recording Session

In other news, I am delighted to share that I got a new bass for Christmas!! It is the Eminence RN acoustic electric upright bass (pictured below), which features a removable neck to make it easy for travel!! I am really excited to have this new axe in my arsenal and am looking forward to all the fun projects I will get to utilize this on! Here I am with the new bass at my New Years gig.

Kaitie Sly with Eminence Bass

- Kaitie

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